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Town Planning Requirements

Are you permitted to operate your business from your residence? The Local Planning Scheme is fairly clear on this matter – see reverse for an outline of the Home Occupation provisions. However, depending on your business, you may need to comply with other regulations.

For example, if your business involves handling of food, you will need to comply with the Food Safety Act. Or, if you are involved in building and construction you are likely to need to register with the Building Practitioner Board.

Information about which regulations apply to your business type can be found at the Victorian government's Business Licence Information Service (BLIS).

Factors that the Nillumbik Shire Council will consider before granting a permit:

  • whether there is a need for additional parking or loading facilities
  • the effect of any vehicle parking, storage or washing facilities on the amenity and character of the street
  • whether the site is suitable for the particular home occupation and is compatible with the surrounding use and development
  • whether there is a need for landscaping to screen any outbuildings or car parking or loading areas or any other area relating to the home occupation.

What kind of advertising signage can I have?

In residential zones, home-based businesses are permitted to have signage which displays business identification information. A total of 0.2 square metres of advertising is permitted without a planning permit.

The information which is acceptable on the sign is:

  • business name
  • short service description
  • contact number/website
If you have any further enquiries regarding running your business in the Nillumbik Shire Counci call Darko Popovski, Tourism & Business Development Coordinator, on 9433 3315 or email 

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